The story is familiar. You’re a teacher who loves to make a difference in a student’s life. You’re happy to keep doing what you’ve been doing for many years because it works. But there is a continually growing call to push technology into the classroom. While you use a smartphone and are happy to try out an interactive whiteboard, shoving technology into all facets of your class day is downright absurd. It can never replace a teacher, and technology can only do so much until it becomes a distraction.

So you download the web tool or app only to find that it’s hard to figure out and takes up way too much of your time. So you delete it in short order and never look back.

If that’s happened to you, then you should take a moment to check out some of these free online courses. They may very well give you some of the knowledge that helps you figure out that new web tool or app without having to give up on it so quickly. Your students will thank you.

These free courses are all designed to help you get that little bit of extra knowledge so you can know what to look for in future apps, be able to quickly decide if it’s right for you, and you’ll simply know more than your students. It’s a free online school for teachers and other education-lovers.

A Must-Have Guide To Google In Education

Google is a whole lot more than searching and gmail. It has a detailed list of resources perfect for any teacher, student, or administrator looking to enhance their education experience. From grants to videos to lesson plan search, there’s a lot to see here. This course will cover how to find all the nooks and crannies of information in Google for Education.

5 Powerful But Little-Known Ways To Use Your Apple iPad

The folks at EdTechTeacher like to explore the flexibility, versatility, and mobility of iPads that make them a phenomenal learning tool. In this course they focus on five ways to use these devices to consume, create, and curate.

10 Free Web Tools Teachers Should Try Out

In this course, we walk through 10 of the most popular and useful web tools available today. From a free way to write your own blog to monitoring classroom behavior. These tools should help you do a whole lot more in a lot less time. Each lessons is a quick walk-through of the tool as well as a few ideas on how to use it in your classroom or school.

The Beginner’s Guide To Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world. It’s big for a reason: it’s useful and has a devoted following of people pinning resources that you should probably know about. Here’s a very basic guide to Pinterest – perfect for any beginner wondering what all the pinning fuss is about.

The Beginner’s Guide To Learnist

Learnist is one of the hot education-oriented social networks you should know about. If you’re a teacher, student, administrator, or anyone who wants to learn while browsing the web, you should know about Learnist. This course is a quick overview of all the key points to know about!

The Beginner’s Guide To The Apple iPad

This is a basic course on what you should know about the Apple iPad before using. From what each button means to how to group your apps into folders, this is the absolute first course you should take if you’re still new to the iPad.

The Beginner’s Guide To Facebook

Facebook dominates the web. It’s the most-visited social network by a large margin and has more than a billion users. Quite a feat for something started out of a Harvard dorm room. But the past is history and it’s time to figure out how to use Facebook to help you make a better life for yourself. That’s the Modern Lessons goal, after all. So let’s take a look at the basic ways to use Facebook that might help you out.

The Beginner’s Guide To WordPress

In this course we dive into the basics of one of the most powerful web platforms available. WordPress is used by millions of companies, blogs, and other organizations because it’s reliable, well thought out, and updated on a regular basis. In fact, this course is even built on WordPress.

The Beginner’s Guide To Google

Google is just about everywhere when you’re online. Even when you’re offline. So it would be useful to showcase a few Google videos on how to use their software for email, videos, and more.